Urban Farming is a branch of “Drop in the Ocean” that recognises the importance of greenery in the learning environment. By offering hands-on gardening activities in the CIS Community Garden, Urban Farming aims to inspire a sustainable, healthy lifestyle in order to reduce the school’s carbon footprint.


Revitalising Hong Kong’s concrete jungle with innovative farming techniques, Urban Farming promotes learning-by-doing and environmental awareness starting from CIS’ doorstep.



In November 2019, we were extremely fortunate to meet with Alexander, a CIS alumnus working at Farm 66, a local aquaponics farm in Hong Kong. As a group, we were able to set specific goals and formulate plans for the rest of the year. He gave us valuable advice on how to enhance greenery around our campus and build skills and interest in farming, such as installing a vertical farm or green wall, creating a logo to increase awareness about our group, and creating a 'green space' which may improve students' mental health. He even offered to connect us with local farms for excursions!

Unfortunately, due to school closure, many of the events and experiences we had planned could not happen. Nonetheless, we are grateful for Alexander's expertise and hope to continue with our timeline in the coming academic year.


Plants and Mental Health